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Pink Singer Featherweight 221


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Pink Singer Featherweight
Pink Singer Featherweight

Pink Singer Featherweight

The Little Pink Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machines are original from early model Singer 221 sewing machines. We take machines with problems in cosmetics and turn them back into useful, beatirul little machines again. Be sure to read my page on the pink featherweight. We sell  the original black Singer featherweight machines, parts, attachments and accessories here at home jobs home. Helping customers find a FEATHEWEIGHT 221 and ways to fix or repair that special beautiful little Singer 221 machine is always our main concern. Find attachments and accessories needed for those special sewing jobs. Singer 221 is a quilters and Sewing Club top choice for a sewing machine and the 222 for collecting. It can be taken along anywhere you go. Start here if you are looking for a 221 machine, parts, attachments or to repair your Singer Featherweight. We offer information in the way of instruction manuals for parts and maintenance of your Featherweight. Singer makes a great Quilting and Sewing Club Sewing Machine. We also sell and repair the 301 series machine. Add this page to your favorites and return often to check for new items on this site and my ebay listings each week. This month we are selling a Singer 221, 222k, Gauge Presser Foot and black case buttonholer (5-10-2009)

"Oh" by the way we are a green site these Pink Singer 221 & 222 machines are recycled from old original models of the Featherweight that have lost their luster or the paint is nearly gone in spots. Thanks and think green to save the earth.

If you have friends or family with this terrible disease you will be very supportive of my efforts in this project. I know what it takes to make a difference in someone's life.

The story of this beautiful little featherweight machine is a good one. It had a happy life with great owners. From the day it was born in about 1934 it has been used and stored by nice families who used it to make clothes, mend jeans, sew tarps and it was stored somewhere in a place it had a little moisture. It started to corrode where the paint was showing and that is where I came in. I bought the machine and sent it to “The Featherweight Factory” where it was stripped and corrosion preventive was used before painting. All the gears and parts were removed and reassembled after painting was complete. This little guy is ready to sew or be kept as a keepsake, whatever you are determined to do with it will be a further place in the history of this wonderful little Singer 221 featherweight. This machine was reconditioned partly as a donation to the Breast Cancer Research and to help produce the project of “Pink Singer Featherweight  Sheryl Lynn Oshel”. This is also a reminder, when people set their mind to fix something metal, medical or psychological it can happen. If you believe in yourself, your doctor and God, things will go the way your life is supposed to go.

My website was built to help with a project of the Little Pink Singer Featherweight. I am working on this project to help with the research for a cure for breast cancer. The Pink Featherweight sewing machines started selling this year and donations to the Susan G. Koman and other cancer foundations for the research of this horrible desease will be a part of this project. Look at my Pink Featherweight Page to learn more about that project.

Singer 221 as your can guess "Pink". Collecting the Singer 221 is and has been a very value conserving venture. These machines have never went down in price. These machines are very nice and all original except for the pink paint. The carrying case is a reproduction and instruction is a reproduction. The machine has no reproduction parts on it. It is a 1934 AD machine. You will love this beautiful little gal and a donation will be given to a cancer research firm to help in the advance of cancer research. It takes a lot of research money to find a cure and they are making progress. Cancer hits all of us as you will discover if you read my "Pink Singer Page" You can click on the picture on this page to take you to my check out page and you can pay with a secure Paypal or major credit card.
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